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How Your Business Will Benefit 

Our system simplifys the process of asking your customers for their feedback by automatically asking them to leave a review on one of the many popular search engines like Google or or social media platforms like Facebook. 

This helps increase conversions, build customer loyalty, and strenghten your brand.

We can automatically gather your existing quality reviews on search engines and social media and then feature them on your website

With a couple of clicks, customers can post their reviews to platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Tripadvisor

You won't have to repeatedly ask your customers for their testimonials​

Customers who are heard feel valued and that builds loyalty and company brand recognition

Standout by the large number of positive reviews when prospects search for your services

Once set up, the whole process is automated, saving you and your business time and money

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Get up and running in 3 easy steps

1. Customize your review collecting form

Select the information that you would like to collect from your customers and customize the form to match your brand

2. Send a unique link to your customers

Once they click on the link, they'll be taken to your current feedback form to fill out.

3. Present your testimonials on any platform

You can embed the testimonials anywhere using responsive templates with your own brand customization without knowing any coding.

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Showcase Your Reviews Your Way

Currently five different ways to showcase your testimonials!

Quote Focused Card

Centered Card

Tweet Style Card

Simple Card

Avatar Focused Card

Your business will Humbly work its way to the top with these helpful features:

Publish to Various Platforms

With a couple of clicks, customers can publish their reviews to other platforms including Google My Business, Facebook Pages, and Yelp.

Wall of Love

Show off all of your testimonials like a trophy case that will load all your reviews on the page as they scroll down.


Studies show that faces sell. You can allow users to add their own avatar with one-click that will import from social accounts or easy image upload.

FOMO Popups

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is huge among consumerist which you can increase conversions by triggering timely popups featuring your best customer testimonials.

Incentivized Requests

Thank your customers for completing their testimonial by rewarding them for their loyalty with an incentive.

Individual Embeds

Increase conversions on your site at the right place at the right time by strategically embedding single endorsements with the right message.


Streamline the process for your customers by prefilling their contact info in the forms based on the data you already have.

Realtime Previews

Increase the fun-factor for customers as they are able to view a live preview of their testimonial as they create it.

Import or Add Existing Testimonials

If you already have a lot of testimonials, you can automatically import them from other platforms (Facebook, Google) or upload them via CSV file.

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